“Since I began personal training with Jean-François 2 years ago, I have seen steady improvement in my muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, dietary habits, personal motivation to achieve my physical goals, etc. Jean is a consummate professional, always organized, punctual, and dedicated. At the same time, his demeanor is a joy to be around, especially when training gets difficult.

Having completed the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon World Championship, experimented with a great variety of performance enhancing diets, being very actively involved in sport since childhood, and working in the industry of health and fitness for over 5 years, I have yet to come across another individual with all of these qualities. Jean is truly unique.”

– Greg Manocherian, Managing Partner, NEW YORK HEALTH & RACQUET CLUB


“Jean-François is an expert on the human body. He can conjure the right combination of exercise, rest and nutrition which each of his clients needs to fulfill his or her goal. This by itself would make Jean-François stand out among personal trainers, but there’s more. Since Jean-François is a born teacher, he doesn’t hold back any of his hard-earned knowledge as he trains and, in effect, he trains his clients to be [their own] trainers in the process.

But Jean-François’s biggest asset, what makes him truly unique, is his incredible capacity to motivate. He convinces his clients that everything is possible through discipline and hard work, and he inspires them to willingly embrace that discipline and to look forward to the hard work.

Jean-François has transformed my body, and he has transformed my way of thinking about, and responding to, the challenges that come my way in all aspects of my life. If he can do that for me, he can do it for anyone.”

– Rafael Pi Roman, MetroFocus host; Executive Producer, Thirteen/ WNET-TV


“The thing about Jean-François is that he focuses not just on strength, but on balance, flexibility, and stretching. Plus, he’s just great company at any hour of the day.”

– Graydon Carter, VANITY FAIR
Jean-François Alcantud is the best trainer. I say this with absolute certainty as he is totally dedicated to his discipline and to his clients. His methods are tailored to the individual he is training and his enthusiasm is contagious. Jean-François is not only a great athlete he is also a most honorable man and a born teacher. We who have been fortunate to have him as a trainer are even more fortunate to have him as a friend.

– Reinaldo Herrera, VANITY FAIR

“We were fortunate to meet Jean-Francois Alcantud in January 2001.

Ever since then we have benefited from his training method. His knowledge of human musculature, his discipline and precision make him a very inspirational and motivating guide. Results in health and strength became apparent after a few weeks. He is witty, stimulating, dynamic and resourceful making our sessions invigorating and exhilarating.

Two months ago my husband John G Heimann had a hip replacement. John is already working out three times a week and Jean-Francois is guiding him to improve his flexibility, strength and more importantly his body alignment, thanks to his knowledge of the Egoscue method.

Over the past 15 years, we have come to appreciate his special qualities as a physical trainer and as a wonderful person.”

– Maria-Cristina Anzola


“Through a combination of care, understanding and awareness, Jean-François has craftily brought me around to not only develop a sense of responsibility and pride in myself and my health and fitness, he has above all been a friend whom I have no hesitation in recommending as a gifted and extremely able personal trainer.”

Thanks J.F.

– Mick Jones, FOREIGNER


“When it comes to training, YOU’RE TOPS! Working out is not always the easiest thing to do when I am caught in the daily grind, but you make it worthwhile. The gym business leaves me little time for working out myself, but you really know how to make the most out of a workout session in between meetings and everything else.

I really feel I can reach my full potential with your guidance and my energy level is never better than after our sessions.”

– Doug Levine, President, CRUNCH


“I have been a long distance runner for many years and professionally competed in many events, including the Boston and New York City marathon.
I began weight training with Jean-François 2 years ago and have seen major increases with all my races.
We have been able to take minutes off my time. The muscle building and conditioning over this time has allowed me to be more comfortable at this faster pace”

-William F. Hamilton

“Jean-François has been extremely valuable in helping me to achieve my fitness goals. His programs are aimed specifically toward the individual. I’ve found my personal program to be not only effective, but always interesting and motivational. Jean-François is a consummate professional of the highest caliber, and I enjoy working with him.”

– Lou Gramm, FOREIGNER


“If you want to feel great about yourself, in addition to looking your best, then Jean-François is the guy who can help you to make it happen. His Knowledge of how the body and your state of mind work together is unsurpassed. He’s given me the motivation to improve the way I look and feel without making me feel pressured or guilty. He’s extremely down to heart and a lot of fun. Take advantage of his expertise! You won’t regret it!”

– Ron Wikso, FOREIGNER


“It is with pleasure that I compose this letter of endorsement for Jean-François Alcantud. We started working together and I discovered just how amazing he is! He totally inspired me and motivated me to maintain an exercise program that has not only lowered my weight and flattened my stomach, but increased my muscle mass and endurance. He has a very easy going and personable style, and at the same time, encourages you to surpass what you think is your limit!”



“Jean-François is without a doubt the most inspiring individual I know, both in the way he looks and how he works. I recommend Jean-François to people who are really serious about their training goals. Jean is not a mere “spotter”. When I workout with Jean, I know I am getting 110% of his attention. In addition to teaching correct form, he is helping me to develop my concentration and visualization skills to get more out of my workouts. In every session, Jean pushes me to go beyond what I think I am capable of doing. And that is what has helped me to increase my strength almost threefold since I started with him. Although I work long hours as a lawyer, Jean has helped me to maintain my training as a priority in my life. As a result, I look better, I feel better, and I have gained confidence I never had.”

– Lisa Bogardus


“I have had the pleasure of working with Jean-François Alcantud for approximately 8 months during the 1995 Foreigner Mister Moonlight tour. Jean-François acted not only as a personal trainer for the band, but assistant manager as well. I believe that Jean-François would be successful in any endeavor he wished as he has excellent people skills and is generally an all around nice guy.”

– Jeff Jacobs, FOREIGNER


“One only has to look at Jean-Francois to know he is the master of his profession. I have never enjoyed exercise, which I hear is not at all unusual, but I do it on a regular basis because I have gained enormous respect for Jean-Francois, who has taught me over the course of nine years that a variety of exercises, skeletal realignment, sensible nutrition and a reasonable level of discipline are absolutely essential components in maintaining a healthy body into our later years. Every workout is different and he adapts to each client’s needs and personality, which requires thought, patience, understanding and diplomacy.  He is, quite simply, the very best.”

– Lesley Harrison

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