Jean-François has designed a unique business which stresses individualized personal training. He purposefully trains a limited number of clients, with whom he develops close relationships so that they can work together in transforming both exercise and life habits.

At the initial meeting, Jean-François and the potential client discuss all aspects of the client’s life. He/she then completes a health screening form so that Jean-François can learn more about him/her, including past and present illnesses, medication, surgery, injuries, weight, etc. During the first consultation, Jean-François also determines a client’s goals and attitudes about exercise. This meeting is the first opportunity for the client and Jean-François to learn about each other. After the client has filled out his/her form and discussed a wide variety of issues, Jean-François can then develop a personalized training program specifically designed to incorporate the client’s fitness goals as they relate to his/her lifestyle.

Whether a client wishes to lose weight, build muscle, manage stress, become more energetic, improve cardiovascular condition and flexibility, or just intensify an existing workout regimen (or all of the above) Jean-François is the personal trainer who can help his client achieve all his/her goals. He always designs an individual training program that maximize movement quality, enhance recovery and improve performance. The program include two or three training sessions per week for at least several months. Experience has proved that this schedule will provide the appropriate amount of time and exercise to effect positive change. He is currently training clients in New York City at their home or gym facility in their building and is also conducting Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom sessions.

As an added bonus, Jean-François is fluent in French and English, and can train clients in either of these languages during workout sessions. Recently, a new female client suggested he train her in French so that she could learn from a native. Within a few months she was enjoying fluency in her favorite tongue.

For more information, let’s book an initial in person consultation, (or if you wish to learn another language while training) please call me at 917-400-2676 or email me at

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